Hotel Management

For over 15 years, Algonquin has been an operator in the hotel industry on its own behalf and on behalf of the dedicated joint-ventures it creates and manages. This hands-on hotelier’s expertise provides investors with a partner whose interests is perfectly aligned with theirs, and who is well positioned to yield optimal value creation.

This know-how and experience enables Algonquin to undertake day to day operations of any independent or franchised hotel. Through the implementation of a management contract, Algonquin‘s own hotel management team is able to handle the following operational matters:

  • Definition of the commercial strategy and policy;
  • Selection/negotiation of affiliation contracts;
  • Optimization of operational/commercial results;
  • Optimization of available space commercialization;
  • Administration and accounting structure organization;
  • Annual budget planning and monitoring through monthly reporting to shareholders;
  • Management of all social aspects (hiring, CHSCT, works council…);
  • Management of legal/contractual matters (suppliers/corporate contracts reviewing);
  • Monitoring of technical/security issues (safety norms, capex budget…)
  • Direct project management for refurbishment/extension work;
  • Implementation of a dynamic marketing/commercial digital policy.