The group

Algonquin began by investing in hotel private equity with its own capital and directly managing them as early as 1998. The group’s perimeter currently consists in 43 assets within Europe, comprising more than 7,500 hotel rooms and representing €1.8bn worth of assets. Half of these hotels are managed through Algonquin’s own brands or internationally renowned franchises while the other half is operated under management agreements, leases or managed lease agreements by major international operators.

The group’s specificity as both investor and operator is its ability to get actively involved with its hotels’ operations, unlike traditional hotels and real estate investors.

This specific know-how covers both day-to-day operational matters (such as the hiring of managers, human resources, choosing and negotiating affiliation agreements, set-up and optimization of sales and marketing policies, management of costs, health & safety regulations, etc.) as well as all real estate matters (in-house project management expertise, commercial layout optimization through major capex programs, etc.).

These are the reasons that motivated institutional investors, family offices and private equity firms to invest alongside with Algonquin in many dedicated investment vehicles.